Thursday, September 26, 2013

Finally Fall is Here!

I took the dogs for a walk this morning and there was a wonderful crisp Fall wind blowing! The sound of leaves tumbling along the side walk was lovely.

So many squirrels gathering up the last of summer's offerings.

I think I'll pull out all my Autumn decorations this weekend.

I see pumpkins for sale everywhere I go.

And I can smell that pumpkin pie already!
(all pictures from Pinterest)


  1. What beautiful images! Our leaves are bot quite that spectacular yet, but I can't wait!!

  2. Your Fall post made my heart sing, as it is my favorite season. I haven't had pumpkin pie yet but hope to soon. The pictures on here are lovely today, and that front porch is so charming. I love the little squirrel hehe.

    Have fun decorating this weekend. I already put a few things out, and it always makes the house a bit more cozy when I do.


  3. Oh, your Fall background design is wonderful and perfect for the season.


  4. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your gorgeous fall images.
    It is a glorious time of year!

  5. wonderful autumn images ! I especially love the squirrel photo !
    Gail x

  6. I'm totally enjoying fall...then today the temperatures hit 85!! It needs to cool back down. Lovely images.

  7. What a fabulous Autumn post Kim - I love the crunching of the leaves but fear that all our rain & wind will leave a soggy mess this year!