Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sapphire - September's Stone

September's stone is the Sapphire and the word Sapphire means blue in Greek. They can range in color from pale blue to very dark blue. Most Sapphires are now mined in Australia and stone lore says they are thought to enhance perception and mental clarity. This beautiful ring is from an Etsy shop called Apostrophie.

Kyanite is a nice substitute for the more expensive Sapphire. These Kyanite, pearl and sterling silver earrings are in my shop Olivine Jewels.


  1. Oh, this ring is a beauty. I love this color so much in jewelry AND fashion. The earrings are so feminine and pretty. I can see myself wearing them to a special occasion. How interesting that Sapphire means blue in Greek. I just love your blog posts.

    Happy September!


  2. my oldest daughter Grace...that ring is HER!!

  3. lovely jewellery ... such a beautiful colour ... and I love the stone lore interesting ...Gail x