Saturday, October 12, 2013

Opal - October's Birthstone

The beautiful Opal is October's birthstone. Over 500 years ago the Aztecs mined opals in Central America and they were discovered in Australia in the 1880's.  There are many types of opals such as white opal, black opal, fire opal and boulder opal.

Ancient Romans considered the opal to be a symbol of power and Europeans in the 14th century thought it was an unlucky stone.  I think it's an amazingly beautiful stone!


  1. it's so interesting...I have never really liked this stone and I'm not sure why??? It's truly beautiful. However..I do love the name and have an aunt Opal and hope to have a granddaughter Opal Celeste someday :-)

  2. Kim,
    This is such a beautiful stone, and holds a special place in my heart as well because Jess' Birthstone is Opal. I've always liked it, and it's interesting what the Romans and Europeans thought many centuries ago. I'll have to tell Jess to come and check this out.

    Have a blessed Autumn day.


  3. a lovely stone indeed ! quite a feminine stone I feel ...not sure why !!
    have a nice autumn weekend.. Gail x

  4. Opals are so lovely with all their colours - a lovely post!